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And the ever-classy Hocico has a song called Ladykiller (Don’t Rape the Dead Girl).No wonder women in the industrial scene report feeling marginalized, ridiculed, sexualized and disrespected.They did so by calling out two of the scene’s worst offenders while opening for them at Canada’s largest industrial festival, Kinetik.Above is the video that they played at the end of their set, right before Combichrist and Nachtmahr took the stage.But the rapey, murdery vibe isn’t limited to these two bands.

The release of the single constituted the first AIDS benefit in music history.Roman is responsible for all of Nicki’s most controversial lyrics, and she says she wishes for him to “go away.” As the The Lilith Effect puts it, “this is apparently supposed to absolve her of any and all responsibility for the damaging, derogatory language she uses while ‘Roman’ is speaking.Unfortunately, this tactic is no more honest and effective than a child blaming a broken vase on her imaginary friend.” On the other hand, for some artists, remaining faithfully “in character” yields output and situations that can only be described as high art!In 1988, Skinny Puppy spoke out passionately about animal rights through a series of live shows that involved animal blood and graphic, distressing portrayals of vivisection.During the Siege of Sarajevo in 1995, Laibach’s NSK diplomatic passports literally saved lives by enabling people to escape from the war zone at a time when Bosnian passports weren’t considered valid.

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