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Time passes, and with it, Lily only sees Charlie a fleeting number of times.

Soon, she’s sent tickets for passage to Canada where she’s to live on his family farm.

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Once there, things are not the rosy picture Charlie painted.

With her young daughter, Lily must navigate life on the farm and learn to make nice with his resentful mother (Brenda Fricker) and bitter sister, Sylvia (Molly Parker). It’s a period drama I suspect is relatively unknown.

A soldier with a Canadian unit, he’s besotted by Lily from the moment they lock eyes. The few days that follow are brief but blissful before Charlie must again rejoin his unit.

Coinciding with this is Lily’s discovery that she’s pregnant.

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Much of the story continues on this way as we experience Lily trying to fit in (often with comical results) as an outsider before it again devolves into a darker story.Nine months later, Lily has Lindy (Gabrielle Mc Laren & Schyler Mc Laren), their daughter.Another surprise follows shortly thereafter when Lily and her best friend, Sophie (Julie Cox), both married to Canadians, learn that they are going to be evacuated to Canada where they will be safe.Lila is intoxicated by Perry Weld, the charismatic army engineer who’s about to ship out to the European front, and it isn’t long before she discovers that the feeling is mutual.After just a few weeks together, caught up in the dramatic spirit of the times and with Perry’s departure date fast approaching, the two decide to elope.

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