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Gracie, I would love to get a woman's point of view. I get these made special by the guy that put the tattoo on my ass. Do all the women have to wear those really masculine shoes? Wohop is good, but if you like variety, you go to La Chinita Linda. Miss United States from San Antonio, Texas, home of the Alamo. I'd love to, but I have a pressing social engagement. Beth is an undergrad at Vassar, doing a paper on law enforcement. You might want to call the network and pageant people.

And Ioan Gruffudd has talked about his role in the highly anticipated drama Liar.

The British premiere was met with much praise on social media with fans raving about it's gripping series.

One fan took to Twitter: 'I've seen Ioan Gruffudd play some of my favourite and most likeable characters in film and TV but damn he plays evil well.''I'm not one to recommend a TV series but jheeez, if you are not watching #Liar then you are seriously missing out,' someone tweeted.

'Our show is highlighting how awful it must be to be a victim of something like this because you feel that somehow it's your fault and you're shamed,' he added.

Finally, the Miss Congeniality script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Sandra Bullock movie.

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