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A man who says he believes the Earth is flat and is building a rocket he claims will help prove this theory has been forced to delay his mission after being banned from using his planned launch site.

Kind of like how The Basketball Diaries glamorizes drugs at first, but shows the bad side by the end of the movie, which is far worse than the good side is good.

It's easy to understand why a lot of people disliked Kalifornia or why they think that it glorifies violence and murder, but I think that whatever glorifying it does is done with the intention of clarifying the audience's understanding of its subject matter.

A film that didn't glorify violence, at least initially, could never be as effective as Kalifornia, but the movie structures it perfectly.

As the trip progresses, Early begins to appear more and more unstable, and Brian and Carrie begin to fear that they may have a real-life killer in the back seat of their car.

Towards the end of the movie, Early violently smacks his gun across Brian's temple, above his left eye.

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