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It was dark and, while obviously metallic, it looked disturbingly organic.Without any words, Benezia approached it and it slid open, revealing a much darker corridor behind it.Liara rolled to a ball as she saw him prepare another kick, but the warrior suddenly was thrown to the wall.they had never been close, making it hard for Liara to read her mother.It was dominated by a throne-like contraption in which a grey-skinned Turian sat, surveying screens and displays like a king surveys his underlings. The relief was short lived as she felt her uniform tear on her chest, exposing her white bra underneath.The tearing continued as her whole sleave came off.

A krogan appeared and began gesturing, swearing all the time and pointing towards weak rock below the stasis field.The tight uniform emphasized all curves of her body, including the average-sized but, as Liara knew, perfectly shaped breasts.She wore her red hair cut short, which looked beautiful paired with her intensively green eyes.floating like a lifeless statue, surrounded by the shimmering of a stasis field.She desperately tried to remember how did they stasis field technology work, how it slowed the processes of her body.

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