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The bill would further authorize court-ordered family reunification services to continue for a nonminor dependent who attains 18 years of age during the review hearing time period until the next 6-month review hearing, if all parties agree that family reunification is in the best interests of the nonminor dependent and that there is a substantial probability that the nonminor dependent will be returned home at or before the next review hearing.

This bill would provide that the provision of these services would not affect the nonminor dependant’s eligibility for extended foster care benefits.

Existing law further provides that the juvenile court’s jurisdiction includes nonminor dependents.

Under existing law, the juvenile court may terminate dependency, delinquency, or transition jurisdiction over a nonminor dependent while the nonminor dependent is between 18 and 21 years of age.

The bill would expand the definition of a relative for purposes of the federally funded Kin-GAP program.

The bill also would revise various definitions applicable to the AFDC-FC program relating to nonminor dependents and transitional housing services.

Existing law excludes THP-Plus Foster Care from the definition of a community care facility.Existing law provides for tribal customary adoption as one placement option for Indian children in dependency proceedings.Additionally, existing law prohibits a dependency court from holding a hearing to terminate parental rights for a nonminor dependent.The bill would delete existing separate fingerprinting requirements applicable to THP-Plus Foster Care providers, making those providers subject to the background check information generally applicable to community care facilities.Existing law requires the Judicial Council to establish a court-appointed special advocate (CASA) program, pursuant to which volunteer CASAs provide designated services and support to children under the jurisdiction of the juvenile court.

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