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Kapoor sold several idols to museums across the world.

As the name indicates Panchaloha or Pancha Loha consists of five metals.

Police identified the man as Latchu alias Narasimhan.

They arrested him from his house in Mahabalipuram in a raid in which they seized nine panchaloha idols dating back to Later Chola period - roughly 1,000 years ago.

They will later move the idols to the icon centre in Thiruvottiyur.

Few wear jewellery / rings made out of this alloy with a sutiable gem or Navratna (9 gems). Like you I am too confused on what version to follow !!! Other versions / compositions as per the findings - In India and other parts of the world ., people make jewellary, amulet, ring, card, pendant, armour, bangle, kada, Welcome, You have reached Muthuveerappan's (முத்துவீரப்பன), weblog.

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What is pancha loham , what is its composition and what are its uses ?

Pancha loham is a composition / mixture of five metals. Since its less expensive, Most people have a wrong perception, that, "who can not afford gold ornaments or jewellery go for (buy) Pancha loham",.

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