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The case is noteworthy for the high level of sympathy and grief that it generated both in Australia and Ireland and also for the legal consequences that it helped to generate.She spent her early childhood in Termonfeckin village to the north of Drogheda.Her body was discovered six days later near Gisborne South, about 50 kilometres (31 miles) north from Brunswick.Adrian Ernest Bayley pleaded guilty to Meagher's rape and murder in April 2013.He was sentenced to life imprisonment with a 35-year non-parole period.His bid to appeal his minimum term, in September 2013, was unsuccessful.

After graduation, she worked for the Irish national broadcaster RTÉ.

The public soon became aware of the search, primarily through the growing number of media reports and the Facebook page.

On 24 September, Meagher's handbag was found by police in a laneway near Hope Street, Brunswick. Police were suspicious as to how it came to be there because the area had previously been searched by them.

It transpired that he had been the man in the blue hoodie.

During the interrogation, Bayley ended up breaking down and admitting that he had strangled her with his hands in a lane off Hope Street, Brunswick. Bayley was charged with rape and murder at about am on 28 September and, following an out-of-sessions hearing at am that lasted for about 90 seconds, was held on remand to await trial. Bayley's arrest and the finding and exhumation of Meagher's body generated considerable media and public response, especially when it was soon revealed that Bayley was already on parole for a series of sexual offences.

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