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The assailant was identified as Colin Kingston, 24, of Geneseo.

Mc Kenna said that while she didn't really know Kingston, she would always see him in the stands at basketball games."I always thought that it was really nice of him to be there," she said.

Bonfiglio, Vice President of SUNY Geneseo and Denise A.

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I didn't even hear anything, there wasn't any yelling, but she did say that he was pretty upset," said Mc Kenna. I think she was just at a different point in her life where that wasn't what she wanted anymore.

Knight-Hollis, who was no longer in a relationship with Taft at the time of her death, allegedly stabbed her in his mobile home after she rejected his attempts to rekindle their relationship.

Knight-Hollis is currently held without bail in Wayne County jail, and awaiting his trial date.

Going to the movies or dinner by yourself is awkward for a lot of people, and you can't always force your friends to come along.

When you're not in a relationship, even if you can't have sex, you can at least masturbate. Getting to go on fun dates pretty much whenever you want. Bonus: It makes you look a lot more popular than you really are.12. Against all odds, you just convinced someone you're attractive.

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