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What is most helpful, Yokomitsu and Hesse suggest, is when two people of different cultures, aware of the fundamentals established by their own backgrounds, sit down together in an informed sincerity that produces both dialogue as well as self-reflection.

Discussions of art and religion in particular can lead to this fraternity. Yokomitsu, using Hesse as a spoken counterpoint, argues that genuine, mutual understanding can only arise from conditions of shared, balanced information.

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This dissertation examines the processes through which the works of W. Yeats, as representative of Irish folklore generally, became absorbed into Japanese modernism.

Yeats's poetry and prose, exploring this growing fissure in modernity, made frequent use of what Marilyn Ivy terms the discourses of the vanishing.

Previous readings of Yeats's connections to Japan have focused on a sense of his bungling reinvention of no drama: an Orientalist example of mishandled Asian-European unidirectional discourse.

The Celtic Twilight, as one example, had enormous appeal to Japanese literary figures, including Akutagawa Ryûnosuke, Yanagita Kunio, and Tanizaki Jun'ichirô, particularly in his famed essay, In 'ei raison [In Praise of Shadows].

Whatever merits there may be in this work, they benefited directly from his influence.

And so, at this time, I am humbled by this obligation and privilege to note, in the most personal of terms, my gratefulness.

Dr John Xiros Cooper has been both great mentor and great friend during these years of a "customarily arduous process." I cannot imagine having a finer person to be so fortunate enough to work with, even i f I were to apply to thousands of graduate schools, in dozens of countries.

When funding was withdrawn at the start of my fourth and final year, precipitating a wee crisis in my desire to continue onward, he stepped in to provide support.

More important than the usual money worries, his personal encouragement has substituted, at crucial moments, for any lack of patience or faith I had in myself I have grown enormously under his guidance: Dr Cooper proved on every occasion to be a sympathetic scholar, critic, and reader of my work.

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