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He has also worked for Apple and General Magic, before it ceased operations in 2002.

The Trump administration has taken another step toward building a wall on the US border with Mexico, even as funding for the project remains in question.

Google put Rubin in charge of a nascent robotics effort, but he left the next year to launch Playground Global, an incubator for hardware businesses.

The venture led to Essential which has raised 0 million in funding from Access Technology Ventures, Tencent Holdings Ltd and Inc.

The nature of the woman's relationship with Rubin is still unclear, but Google has a policy that does not allow relationships between supervisors and subordinates on the same team.

When tech news site, The Information, reportedly reached out to Rubin's spokesman, Mike Sitrick, they were told by Sitrick that 'any relationship that Mr. Sitrick said that Rubin 'was never told by Google that he engaged in any misconduct while at Google and he did not, either while at Google or since'.

The CBP has provided few details of the concrete prototypes and said funding for four other prototypes for a see-through structure will be awarded next week.Rubin joined Google in 2005 when the search giant acquired Android.He oversaw development of what is now the world's most used mobile operating system until an executive restructuring in 2013.Sitrick declined to comment on 'personal matters' cited by Essential. Rubin's decision to take a leave of absence comes amid heightened scrutiny of impropriety and sexual misconduct in technology, media, entertainment, politics and other industries.This year, several venture capitalists and entrepreneurs have taken leaves or stepped down as a result of accusations about inappropriate behavior.

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