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RELATED ITEMS: Staff Ride to the Rock Creek Fire A New Tribes Mission firefighting crew under the direction of U. Forest Service overhead was trapped by flames as they worked on a brush covered hillside in Powderhouse Canyon on the Mendocino National Forest.

One USFS Ranger and 14 missionary firefighters died in the fire.

—A lightning caused fire, burned a total of 2,680 acres in Mesa Verde National Park and on Ute Mountain Ute Tribal Lands.

The Park failed to recognize the potential for cultural resource damage from fire suppression activities.

This is the first known wildland fire event in which archeologists were used as cultural resource locators and many sites were saved as a result of this action.

Ouzel Fire in Rocky Mountain National Park threatens nearby community of Allenspark, Colorado.

Recommendations from the fire review further clarified the NPS fire management planning and use of natural fires for resource benefits.

A total of 248 fires started in greater Yellowstone in 1988; 50 of those were in Yellowstone National Park.

on the Helena, Lewis and Clark, and Lo Lo National Forests.Unconfirmed reports indicate that 14 people were killed, numerous homes and sawmills burned, and up to 3,000,000 acres of forest land were charred.RELATED ITEMS: Significant Wildfire Events in South Carolina History —Over 3 million acres burned, destroying numerous towns and killing 85 people across northern Idaho and western Montana.Fire suppression activities (primarily dozers) resulted in the destruction of numerous archeological sites.A post-fire review and investigation resulted in the establishment of a national policy to include cultural resource oversight in the management of wildland fires on all federal lands.

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