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I exchanged phone numbers with a guy, and when he called me to set up a date, he was drunk,” says Lindsay.

“I should’ve taken that as a sign, but I figured it was Friday night, so I shouldn’t judge.

It’s okay to state some basic requirements, such as whether you’re willing to date someone who smokes or who has children.

What’s not okay is to expect potential suitors to conform to a long list of demands.

One of the complaints we hear from women about the birth control pill is that they have a hard time remembering to take it every day. Being even 12 hours late taking your birth control pill could increase your chances of getting pregnant.

If you miss any of the first 21 pills in your pack, you need to use a backup method of birth control (condoms) until you have taken seven consecutive days of pills.

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It’s still there, sitting in a cold, corpulent mound that occasionally melts just enough to discharge garbage.Advice: It's always a good idea to talk to your doctor if you have any questions.If you think there could be a chance that you are pregnant (and you don't want to be), emergency contraception (Plan B) is always an option.In the US, the morning-after pill is now available over the counter without a prescription for all ages.New Hampshire lost one of its finest last Sunday with the death of retired State Police Col. Proposals for two new state departments are no doubt well-intentioned, but unless each can show that its creation will mean true cost savings for taxpayers, they should be spiked.

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