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In fact we eat them all the time - IN THE SUMMER, when they are in season.

Like most European countries, we only eat organic/locally grown veggies.

Even WITHOUT cameras, looking just for a relaxed meal, we’d often enter a near empty restaurant, ask if a table was available--and have the waiter tell us “No” in the surliest of terms. But I do have to wonder why Zamir was chosen to help with this one? February 26, 2008 PM Rae Wood said: Tony, Thanks for giving your honest take on Romania here on the site.

Thanks for sharing your REAL experiences on and off screen, Rae February 26, 2008 PM not a romanian said: Taking a Russian to Romania? Is he some sort of an east Europe/formenr Soviet Union expert?

He's from Moscow, and therefore belongs only on that show.

Whould you be a good host for New Zealand, just because you speak (some) English? Don't get me wrong, he's a nice guy, he should do no reservations for the Russian tv. February 26, 2008 PM Dennis G said: Damn, sorry I missed it.

Any chance to see Bourdain miserable while I slog to work every day wishing I could travel and eat local food is a great time. Be honest, no matter how much hate mail you will undoubtedly receive.

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