Amiga error validating disk

To move a file use the MOVE command (OS3.5 only) or COPY and DELETE (OS3.1 and below).

216: Directory not empty Delete all the files in the directory first.

amiga error validating disk-4

Disk validation takes places almost immediately when a disk is inserted. If the fault still persists, download a copy of Disk Salv from Aminet and try to validate the disk.

It is not possible for two programs to alter the same file at the same time.

If it is a directory that cannot be deleted, type ASSIGN to see if the directory has been designated a device. This is likely to occur if the CD-ROM or disk has been taken out of the drive. Check the spelling of the filename and if the disk is in the drive.

120: Argument line invalid or to long The CLI argument was typed incorrectly, or had too many items on the list.

Read any documentation you may have relating to it.

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