10 things star wars taught us about dating site

Over time, he and his longtime partner, Brandi Passante, would go on to open up their own second-hand store, Now and Then.

Hester's suspicions arose because whenever he won a bid, producers would draw his attention to certain boxes, or unload the storage unit so he would "discover" certain items.

This had happened before, too: reports that in December 2007, he was arrested and charged with three controlled substance felonies.

Sadly, Balelo's final arrest seemed to push him over the edge, as he committed suicide just two days later via carbon monoxide poisoning.

"I found the right man because I am very high-energy," Laura told while discussing her relationship with Dan, whom she met in 1996. He's taught me how to auction and it's the best thing that's ever happened in my life." , Dan's condition was so bad when he got to the hospital that he was given only a four to 20 percent chance of survival.

"When I saw him auctioneering all over the place, I thought, 'I'm going to marry that man! We just looked at each other, said 'Let's get married, I'll snatch you up.'" "Four months later, I was pregnant—the whole doggone thing! Miraculously, Dan's surgery turned out to be a success; he was released from the hospital a little over a week later.

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